N Features
- transfers analog and digital signals
- compatibile with data bus procotols
- flexible, color-coded, silver-plated, Teflon® insulated lead wires

N Specifications

Operating Speed 0 - 100rpm
Number of Circuits 3, 4, 6
Voltage 250 VAC/VDC
Current Rate N03, N04 - 1A per circuit, N06 - 2A per circuit
Temperature Range -40 to +80 C
Contact Material Gold to Gold
Lead Size N03 - 32AWG, N04 - 30AWG, N06 - 28AWG, silver plated copper UL Teflon ®
Lead Lenghts min 200mm
Dielectric Strength 500VAC @50Hz, between each circuit
Insulation Resistance 1000 MΩ @500VDC
Electric Noise ≤70mΩ, at 6VDC, 50mA, 6rpm